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Unscrambler Machines

  • 12 to 48 inch round
  • Center oscillating blade
  • Includes tray unloading platform
SKU: 38


The Filamatic® Model UNC Automatic Unscrambler is an electrically-operated rotary container unscrambler designed to feed round, square, and rectangular containers onto machine conveyors. The unscrambler is designed to handle plastic, glass or metal containers at speeds of up to 150 cpm depending on container size, shape and stability.

The Model UNC features a Guide Rail Oscillator which prevents jamming and insures a smooth, continuous flow of containers onto the conveyor belt. The loading platform enables the operator to position entire cartons of upright containers onto the loading platform and is available with 26in, 30in or 48in diameter discs. The UNC Unscrambler's stainless steel disc is supported by 1/2in aluminum back-up discs. and can be used with stable or pucked containers.

The Filamatic Model UNC Unscrambler can be integrated with Filamatic liquid fillers, cappers, pluggers, and other equipment to provide you with a complete packaging line from a single source. Optional counter-rotating bottle aligner and drive design for hazardous locations are available.