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Pharma-Diagnostic Systems

  • Intermittent or continuous motion filling & closing systems
  • Full servo controlled
  • Optional net weigh
  • Up to 15,000 bottles per hour
SKU: 122


Filamatic’s initial products served the pharmaceutical market exclusively. Now, more than 60 years later, Filamatic continues to deliver world class packaging systems in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biomedical industries. As a single source solution provider for these industry segments – Filamatic has produced solutions that cover the full gamut of requirements – whether it’s the processing of  vials, bottles, eye drop assemblies, nasal sprays, or cartridges – Filamatic has innovative, high-end & safe technology for you to use.
Filamatic systems & machines are flexible, built upon fast changeover procedures and can optionally be equipped with clean-in-place processes. Filamatic provides both intermittent and continuous motion filling & closing systems for this industry and has experience in a range of applications from filling cold, hot, oily, or highly viscous liquids.
Small precise fills of controlled pharmaceuticals, injectables, and diagnostic reagents followed by special closures such as stoppers, aluminum crimp seals, plugs and screw caps with precise application torques is easily accomplished on a Filamatic platform. We design systems based on your needs. Our experts oversee every step of the design, manufacturing, & installation of your system. Have needs that exceed beyond filling & closing? Use Filamatic to provide a complete integrated line for your pharmaceutical, diagnostic needs.