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Net Weigh Automatic Monobloc System

  • Pre & Post weigh analysis
  • Net weigh while in-action
  • Reject identification
  • On-screen, online analysis
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Filamatic's® popular Monobloc series also includes a variety of net weigh capabilities. Either the MNB Series or the MNB-XT Series can be built with this feature. The MNB-Net Weigh Monobloc system is still capable of performing a wide range of tasks such as: sorting, feeding, nitrogen flushing, filling, plugging, stopping, crimping, capping, labeling, and accumulating in addition to net weighing capabilities. The MNB-Net Weigh Monobloc series can accommodate everything from vials to 500ml containers and offers an output up to 100+ containers per minute.  Our Monoblocs serve a variety of industries, such as the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Biotech, Animal Health, Personal Care, and Cosmetic industries. Common containers supported on the Monbloc series include: vials, cryovials, microtubes, nasal spray, airless pumps, Boston rounds, & plastic containers.

The MNB-Net Weigh Monobloc series accomplishes the tare weighing, filling, and gross weighing functions through a variety of different techniques depending upon the speed, shape, and stability of the container. At its most basic, the tare weighing system incorporates a weigh cell positioned beneath the turret indexing assembly. Empty containers are indexed onto the weigh cell by the turret indexing assembly. Once a container is isolated on the weigh cell, its tare weight is determined. After weighing, the container is filled, and moved to the next weigh cell, where the gross weight is taken.

All Filamatic Monoblocs are digitally controlled with menu-driven programs that electronically adjust operating parameters for quick and easy tool-less changeovers.

Highlights and options of the MNB-Net Weigh series include:
– Highest precision/most advanced pumps driven by individual servo motors
– True net weight calculation
– All stainless steel construction
– Recipe driven changeover
– Bottom-up filling, locate filling, & static filling
– Optional pre- and post-gas flushing
– Complete validation documents available, (FRS, DDS, FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ)
– Data output

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