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  • Filla rate up to 300 cpm
  • Fill volumes of 1ml to 1 liter and greater
  • Dockable version allows for fast change out of wetted parts
  • Stainless steel constructioni
  • Indexing or continuous motion operation
SKU: 119


The primary difference between a filling machine used in a hazardous environment and one not used in a hazardous environment is the use of either hazardous condition rated and / purging / or intrinsically safe components of the operating system so that auto ignition of these products is avoided. For our DFS Systems, Filamatic can offer an electrically operated machine that has all the versatility of our standard DFS. Our DFS supports all metering systems – piston, lobe, peristaltic, gear, & flow meter.

The choice of how a hazardous location filling machine is designed depends greatly upon the determination of the various insurance, national, and local regulatory agencies. Our systems are designed for NFPA, Class 1 Div 1, Groups C & D explosion hazardous locations.

For our DFS System’s, the control panels may be designed for installation in a non-hazardous area or purged. As always, Filamatic will analyze each packaging project individually to ensure the best solution.