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DFS Dockable Piston Filling Machine

  • Dockable product metering trolley
  • 5 minute change out of wetted parts
  • Designed for fast product changeovers.
SKU: 10


The Filamtic® Digifil, or DFS, Dockable Piston Filling System accommodates a wide variety of applications as well as container shapes and sizes. The DFS liquid filler can handle products of high (creams, lotions, mascara), moderate (detergent, syrups, shampoo), and low (alcohol, water-thin liquids) viscosities. This machine is best suited for small to moderate fills (less than one liter) with fill accuracies of +/-0.5%. For additional options, there are multiple Filamatic Piston Pump models and sizes offered.

Three frame sizes are available to handle up to 12 Piston Pumps for fill rates of 10 to 250 cpm. The Dockable Trolley System is a removable trolley containing the metering systems that allows you to changeover in less than five minutes. Completely autoclavable trolley and fluid pathway are also available upon request.