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  • Combines compressed air and suction
  • Removes small particles
  • Simple intermittent operation
SKU: 108 Related Machinery: Servo Cap Tightener, Belt Wheel Capper, Single & Dual Station Servo Chuck Capper, Rotary Plugger/Capper, Rotary Plugger/Stopper,


The single or multi-head chuck, standalone CT-100 and CT-200 pneumatic, conveyed and indexed capping machines provide nearly all of the perks of fully automated, customized cappers, without the hit to your company’s budget. Featuring custom indexing turrets for each container profile, several sizes and styles of cap torqueing chucks to fit differing cap types, and swappable chuck inserts to further the interchangeability of higher cost components using lower cost, customized tooling, the CT-100 and CT-200 capping machines provide a high value, semi-automatic capping system for a considerably low cost.

These partially-enclosed, systems feature an integrated conveyor, a 36” raised, standalone cabinet with transparent, Lexan guarding around the moving parts, allowing visibility to the operation on all sides. In addition, an upstream, pre-capping station provides a workstation for an operator to hand-apply the closures onto filled containers from an upstream FILAMATIC or existing filler, and slide them on to the integrated conveyor system. The station features a stainless-steel operating table and an overhanging, elongated container closure storage bin to minimize movement of the operator and maximize efficiency.

For maximum flexibility, this capping machine can be purchased individually or as an integrated package along with one of the many FILAMATIC automated filling systems and/or other production handling or packaging equipment for a turnkey production line without the need for further integration services.

In addition, you get the satisfaction and confidence of purchasing a made in the USA capping machine.