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The Evolving World of Life Sciences

A new competitive landscape is emerging in life sciences… as demographic shifts, mounting cost pressures, advancing digitization, emerging scientific breakthroughs, and market needs and new competitors continually reshaping the sector.

FILAMATIC sees the life science space looking very different in the future than it does today. So, we are proud to help our partners prepare for a smaller, more specialized, data-driven, and highly automated manufacturing environment creating opportunities for more agile operations and increased integration with partners and global facilities. This foresight and strategic plan allows us to best serve our life science partners in their never-ending quest in improving animal and human life.

And as we take note to another successful, more recent March 2023 project has been with a leader and innovator within the biotech industry – responsible for producing and suppling recombinant and native enzyme reagents for research, as well as providing products and services that support genome editing, synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing.


In short, this project involved a collaborative vision to design and manufacture a unique inline filling system that uncapped, filled, recapped, and then closed/torqued the final assembly and finished product (SEE ABOVE VIDEO). Exceeding project goals, this system filled/capped 6-different types of PET thermoplastic polyester (Nalgene) containers:

  • 30ml Nalgene:  chamfered corners with two cap types
    • Sku#1:  20mm Wheaton cap
    • Sku#2:  20mm VWR cap
  • 30ml Nalgene:  standard with 20mm cap
  • 60ml Nalgene:  standard with 24mm cap
  • 125ml Nalgene:  standard with 38mm cap
  • 250ml Nalgene:  standard with 38mm cap
  • 500ml Nalgene:  standard with 38mm cap

The 6 PET containers ranging in height from 2.25″ to 7.25″ encompassed 7 different sized caps. This unique inline filling system used a dual Peristaltic pump arrangement with a highly precise Netweigh “Pre” and “Post” fill weight check.

On the surface, the big takeaway was that engineering a quality and affordable solution to required industry specifications, and still easily filling/packaging multiple containers within a small footprint addressing today’s shrinking facility floorspace can be done.

If you would like to learn more about the FlexFIL filling system, or any of our other filling machines (handheld tabletop filling machines, turnkey fill-cap-label lines, or fully automated, integrated Monobloc solutions), please email or call 866.258.1914.

If you have an immediate question on the above FlexFIL or any of the previously discussed filling machines, please complete the form and click ‘SUBMIT. A FILAMATIC team member will contact you shortly.