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A nozzle is a device that is designed to control the direction of the fluid flow as it exits the filler into the container.  At Filamatic, our nozzles are fabricated to order, made from Type 316 stainless steel, and are available in a variety of types to provide drip-free, foam-free, and string-free fills with your product.

Nozzles Types

DN and DN/C:  Standard nozzle design, used with a majority of liquid products.

DNV and DNV/C:  Built-in check valve prevents dripping when filling low surface tension liquids.

DTVA/C and DTV-PA/C:  Valve-In-Tip nozzles provide positive cutoff for drip-free, string-free filling.  This nozzle is actuated by air pressure and used with foamy or non-foamy liquids.  (For use with Filling Units equipped with pressure relief valves.)

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  • Container/Closure:

    Microtubes, Vials, Glass, Plastic, Syringes, IV Bag, Eye Dropper, Cubitainer ®, Stoppers, Overcaps, Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, Dropper Tip, Nalgene

  • Machine Type:

    DFS, MRV, Cubitiainer®, In-Case Filler, Benchtop, Mini-Monobloc, Monobloc, Capper, In-Line, Integrated Line, Hot Filler, Continuous Motion, Synchromat, Controlled Environment

  • Metering Systems:

    Piston, Lobe, Gear, Flow Meter, Peristaltic, Positive Displacement, Zero Particulate, Rolling Diaphragms, Circumferential Piston


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