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DFS Non-Dockable Lobe Filling Machine

The Filamatic® Digifil, or DFS, Non-Dockable Lobe Filling System accommodates a wide variety of liquid filling applications and different product characteristics. The DFS liquid filler can handle products of high (creams, lotions, mascara), moderate (detergent, syrups, shampoo), and low (alcohol, water-thin liquids) viscosities.

The Rotary Lobe Pumps are used for dispensing an array of applications in different industries such as diagnostic, personal care, food, chemical specialty and household products. They are popular in these diverse industries because they offer excellent sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance, and good clean-in-place (CIP) characteristics. The DFS Lobe filling machine is best suited for fill volumes ranging from 50ml to 20L, and can fill up to 200 +cpm.

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  • Container/Closure:

    Microtubes, Vials, Glass, Plastic, Syringes, IV Bag, Eye Dropper, Cubitainer ®, Stoppers, Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, Nalgene

  • Machine Type:

    CE Certified

  • Metering Systems:

    Piston, Lobe, Gear, Peristaltic, Rolling Diaphragms, Circumferential Piston


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