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DFS Non-Dockable Filling Machine

The Digifil, or DFS, Non-Dockable Liquid Filling System accommodates a wide variety of liquid filling applications with different filling characteristics such as highly viscous, foaming, explosion resistant, and molten or hot filling. The easy-to-read touchscreen, programmable controls, and electronic adjustments for speed allow for a simple machine installation and setup. With a fill rate up to 300 cpm, the DFS Filling System can operate with a variety of metering systems including Piston, Peristaltic, Lobe, Flowmeter, and Gear pumps.


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  • Container/Closure:

    Vials, Glass, Plastic, Syringes, IV Bag, Eye Dropper, Cubitainer ®, Stoppers, Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, Nalgene

  • Machine Type:

    Explosion Resistant, CE Certified, Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Intermittent Motion

  • Metering Systems:

    Piston, Lobe, Gear, Rolling Diaphragms, Circumferential Piston


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DFS Flow Meter Filler.pdf Specification
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