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The e-Cigarette industry requires affordable, powerful and quality liquid filling, capping and labeling solutions. Filamatic has over 65 years of liquid packaging experience with a strong background in FDA regulatory and cGMP requirements.  Whether you provide a specific end-user product or B2B packaging service, we know the latest industry guidelines can create some tough challenges for your business moving forward. Therefore, our unrivaled industry partnerships, 'word-of-mouth' reputation, quality of machinery, and true service-after-the-sale will serve you well. (SEE TESTIMONIALS).
Filamatic offers you a variety of e-Liquid metering systems from piston to peristaltic... from handheld semi-automatic machines (AB-5 (Handheld, single nozzle), DAB-5 (Handheld, dual nozzle), and SmartFIL Benchtops); to our scalable, mid-level intermediate automatic turnkey solutions (EconoFIL & ProLINE systems (liquid filling, capping and labeling lines)); all the way to our fully-automated, integrated liquid filling systems (Fusion2 and larger Monobloc series).
Filamatic has the right e-Liquid bottling system for your specific stage of growth. Our filling systems offer you a range of options when discussing fill accuracies (pinpoint +/- 0.5% accuracy fills) with repetitive fills (reliable, consistent fills with no need to double-back and refill as needed as with some 4, 5, and 6 tube fillers). We ONLY use FDA approved product contact parts that are easy to clean and encompass a quick changeover process. 
Filamatic is 100% USA Made equipment; 100% USA Customer and Technical Service; we even have our own Spare Part department for our partners. At Filamatic, we manufacture our own machines. We DO NOT ship in foreign equipment and reassemble in the U.S. If this still doesn't impress you... we can easily handle your 50/50 and 60/40 blends... even push your 70/30, 80/20, 90/10 and MAX blends with no problems. You can save yourself those inevitable headaches and money wasted down-the-line by asking other manufacturers how high of a blend they can pump... then ask them to back up their words with a video test - WE DO!  (WATCH VIDEO)
Filamatic works with some of the biggest names in the e-Liquid industry (SEE BRIEF LIST BELOW), but we are equally proud to have helped many growing organizations overcome the challenges from quicker than expected growth. FIlamatic is your only true, long-term industry partner, our customized solutions are as unique as your needs, so whether you need a single handheld semi-automatic machine, intermediate turnkey solution, or a fully-automated, integrated line, we have the e-Liquid machines (liquid filling, capping, and labeling experience) to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.
NOTE: For video purposes and showing contrast with glass bottles, the MAX blend shown contains a low level of food coloring for video/visual testing purposes, and is not an end user product for vaping.
Examples of e-Cigarette and Oil Containers Filled
Filamatic - e-Cigarette bottles

We have Over 120+ Satisfied e-Liquid and Oil Clients from Across the Globe,
Here are a Few of Our Partners:

  • VaporShark
  • Nick's Blissful Brews
  • Halo Cigarette Company
  • G2Vapor
  • Diamond Vapor
  • Fumi Vapor
  • Epic Juice
  • Highbrow Vapor
  • Vapeageddon
  • Vape Affliction
  • Mister-E-Liquid
  • Big City Juice
  • Vaping Monkey
  • Vapor Depot
  • Q Vape Juice
  • Smoke Crossroads
  • GNS Vapor
  • Fuzion Vapor
  • Vapor Shots
  • eCig Source
  • Ragtime Vapor
  • East Coast Vapors
  • Apollo E-Liquid
  • The Spliffin Group
  • Juice Clouds
  • The Steam Factory
  • Smokin' Joes
  • Arcane Industries
  • Moose Knuckle E-Liquid
  • High Voltage Vaporz
  • Vigilante Juice Company
  • The Vaper's Knoll
  • Alloy Blends
  • Vapor Bank
  • The Vapor Emporium
  • Source Code Vapor
  • Villain Vapors
  • Oakwood Vapor
  • TriStar Cloudz
  • Urban Vapors
  • American Vape Distribution
  • R&D Creations
  • Cheshire Emperium
  • Rocky Top Vapors
  • eJuice Monkeys
  • Cloud Company Vapor
  • UIS Vapor
  • Capella Flavors
  • Sicboy Industries/Giant Vape
  • Teamwork Packaging
  • Vape Dojo
  • MyVapors E-Liquid
  • Premium E-Juice
  • Puff Vapors
  • TKO Vapor























"We are LOVING the machine... it's all smooth sailing over here! We imagine we'll be buying another from you in the near future!"
ScottB., Owner, Puff Vapors


"Filamatic was exactly the company that we needed. We had lost money on another company's filling machine that had nothing but problems. Then Filamatic showed us what quality and reliability really looks like. Also, their customer service and attention is second to none. Since we've received our Econofil, we tripled our output while effectively reducing our lead times drastically. We now know we made the right call!"
Rich G., CEO, The Vaper's Knoll


"We LOVE our Filamatic machine! So far we haven't had any problems with it whatsoever."
DonM., Owner, Oakwood Vapor


"I won a Benchtop e-Liquid machine in a raffle from the guys at Filamatic. I have been using the machine for about a month now, and it's AMAZING! I use it from my 5ml Samples all the way to my 120ml bottles. We run MAX-VG e-Liquid through this machine with ease! The machine is easy to setup, and changeovers and cleaning is A LOT easier than we thought - simple. It's a very solid, sturdy, awesome piece of equipment. 

Equally as important, the Filamatic team is amazing. They have treated me as if I was a longtime customer... and we didn't even purchase the machine - we simply won it! This level of support is amazing - always answering my questions in-depth and in a timely manner. If you're looking to up your game from hand-filling bottles, the Filamatic Benchtop machine will do it for ya!!!"
Keith O., Owner, Treasure Island Elixir


"We got one of these machines ... it was DEFINITELY the best investment so far!
Mahalo from Maui, HI - Aloha to the Filamatic ohana!"
Frankie A.P., Principal, Aloha Vapes


DAB-5 Machine: "We fill thousands of 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, and even 60ml bottles every month...wonder now how we did so before owning it. Each fill is precise, repeatable, and consistent regardless of filling speed. The reason you buy a Filamatic is not only for the quality, dependability and performance of the equipment;  you also buy it because of the customer service and commitment to customer success. Every time we have a question, it is answered immediately!"

DAB-32 Machine: "The DAB-32 is art set in motion. It’s sleek, stainless steel workhorse body absolutely never quits. Pairing it with our 1100ml pumps, we effortlessly pump thick, honey-like, vegetable glycerin all day long into 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 1 Gallon sized bottles. We use smaller pump attachments to fill the 60ml – 120ml sized bottles and this is where you start to see the advantages of this machine over other foreign made equipment."
Sam R., President/CEO, Vapor Shots


2nd machine ordered: "Just received the new unit a day early... you guys rock!
Thanks for all the great service,"
Chris M., Owner/President, Apollo eCigs

"Searching far and wide to find a pump capable of filling high viscosity e-Liquids, not wanting to pay more later for an upgrade, we came across Filamatic... regarded as top of the line for semi-automatic filling; we've only recently had the pleasure of discovering why. While Filamatic's prices are not always the cheapest, they're not always the most expensive either... we firmly believe what you get in return far exceeds those average machines in terms of power, quality and after-sale-support!
From the beginning, we've had perhaps the most helpful representative from Filamatic assisting us in every capacity. Warren has been the "go-to" guy for all our needs... not only is he a straightshooter, he's extremely knowledgable about our industry, he's exceeded expectations in almost every regard. With being on the fence regarding e-Liquid machinery, this type of after-the-sale-support has made our transition seamless. I don't know if you would get this level of service with any other manufacturer. 
From unpacking our new piston filler to initial use was very quick, the machine blows our old peristaltic machines out of the water in terms of repeatability, changeover, and accuracy. We have ZERO regrets with our machine, well, perhaps that we didn't do this sooner! I encourage anyone that is not currently using one, to try them out."
Brett C., President, Texas Select Vapor

"Our Filamatic is working GREAT... we'll see you at ECC!"
MichaelN., CEO, Rocky Top Vapor
"Filamatic is the ONLY liquid filling manufacturer that we'll ever trust. After initially talking with Filamatic, we decided to go with another filling machine... that was the worst mistake we could have made. We had nothing but problems with that machine, barely running 50% of the time, horrible accuracy, but the worst was having our production down for weeks and going back to manually filling bottles. Once the sale was done... the other company was gone.
Beside ourselves with frustration, we saw Filamatic at a show and asked for their recommendations... They probably could have done the proverbial, told you so, but that's not what happened. Instead, they rolled up their sleeves and came through quickly with an Econofil setup. The system works like a champ and gave us the flexibility to grow and add on to the machine... awesome! Like I said, Filamatic is the ONLY liquid filler that we'll ever trust!"
Steve R.T., CEO, Big City Juice
"The machine is running very nicely... what a time SAVER it's been! We're busy using the bottling machine getting ready for a few upcoming shows. Look forward to doing more business with you in the near future!"
MackW., Owner, Juice Guys
"Everything is GREAT with the filler... I love the machine!"
Mark S., Owner/CEO, Crazy8s eJuice
"Our (Filamatic) filling machine has been a time saver. What took hours to do in the past, now only takes a few minutes. It has given us the confidence to expand our business without worrying about keeping up with demand. The bottles we use are incredibly difficult to fill accurately by hand, but withour (Filamatic) Benchtop filler... every bottle is filled with pinpont precision every time!"
JoeH., COO and Founder, Source Code Vapor, LLC


"An Amazing ALL-IN-ONE-SOLUTION at last! Phenomenal customer service provided by Dorjee, Aaron, Eddie, and the rest of the Filamatic crew. They have made the impossible happen and truly built a wonderful partnership. Fast responses, fast results, and outstanding quality of equipment. It was definitely the wisest decision to partner with a great company. We look forward to a long lasting and successful future."
A.R., Owner, TPKG

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