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Here at Filamatic, we truly believe we are in this together. That is, we do not see you as "customers," but rather partners. We understand that you face daily challenges to your business and production needs, so we are proud to be your partner in addressing your liquid filling, capping, and labeling needs. For over 65 years, we have been a benchmark within the liquid filling industry (Industries served: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Biotech, Cosmetic & Personal Care, e-Cigarette, Food & Beverage, as well as the Specialty Chemical industries.)
See what people are saying... you can read few testimonials from friends, partners, colleagues, or even industry competitors. We are proud of our work. We are proud of the people we work with. We look forward to helping you grow your business.
  • Successful IQ/OQ Completion
We have received the Filamatic fillers and completed our IQ/OQ! The equipment appears to be working perfectly and I am quite pleased. 
Project Management / KAO USA
  • Knowledgeable Service Technician

I would like to express my gratitude for the work of your service technician, German Santander. German did an excellent job in finishing up the installation of our equipment, training our employees, and working out a few problems we encountered. 

Knowledgeable and good service technicians are hard to come by and you have one in German.
Thank you, 
Production Manager / Meda Pharmaceuticals

  • Reliable, Easy-to-Operate Equipment

My very first equipment purchase in the Food Processing Industry back in 1977 was a DAB-4 unit. I cleaned it; I set it up; I operated it; I loved it!
President / SoftCan Technology

  • Service That Goes a Long Way

We at Wing Nien appreciate Filamatic's support of their equipment.  This type of service goes a long way to building lasting business relationships.
Operations Manager / Wing Nien Foods

  • Knowledgeable and Professional Service

It is always a pleasure to speak with a company representative who is both knowledgeable and professional in their interactions with customers...you are indeed both. I will advise you if additional assistance is required.
Sustaining Engineering Supervisor / BD

  • You can count on Technical Service

We installed a Filamatic Monobloc system a year ago. Over that year Filamatic has been very responsive to all of our inquiries. In particular; the technical staff has partnered with us in our continuous improvement activities. They have been instrumental in coming up with creative and effective solutions.
Thank you again for your help!
Production Operations Leader / Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited Canada

  • Satisfied Customer

Thank you all! We definitely love our new machine and will continue to look at Filamatic to do any of our future projects.
Engineering Manager / Zotos International

  • Rental Service for Benchtop

I am very satisfied with your service and your products.  I have made the comment several times that we should just keep the rental unit that we are using and forgo the shipping of the new unit that we purchased. What a great machine.  It has been a pleasure doing business with a company that knows their product and has such high standards for their machines.
Best regards,
Bioprobe LLC

  • Appreciation From A Valued Representative
I thought it appropriate to bring to your attention my appreciation for the support we received from your team.  Your Applications Department was patient enough to go through all 13 different revisions of the quotation while maintaining a very positive attitude.  I also appreciate all the work done by the Engineering Department through conference calls and face-to-face meetings. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism made my job easier.  
Finally, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts to coordinate your team and for personally coming up to Toronto.  I understand that behind the scenes, there is a team of people I might not know, whom I am unable to thank by name and I truly appreciate all of their efforts as well.  I felt proud to represent Filamatic and recommend them to this customer and look forward to doing the same with more exciting projects in the near future. 
Thank you,
Business Development Manager /  BellatRx
  • Fantastic Products and Service

Dear Warren and Customer Service Team at Filamatic:

We are THRILLED with our filling machine and want to thank everyone for your fantastic products and customer service department.  The machine does exactly what you represented it would do and we will actually be purchasing 1 or 2 more!
Thank you,
Managing Member / Floridian Liquid Assets

  • Filamatic Stands the Test of Time

The Filamatic unit Grossmont College purchased from Filamatic/National Instrument Company 43 years ago has filled many, many thousands of tubes over the years (and continues to) without once needing repair...given that sort of track record, I am confident that our new unit will be just as efficient and reliable long after I have retired!
Microbiology Laboratory / Grossmont College

  • Quality Filling Equipment
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you and your company provided us throughout the purchasing process of our Filamatic Model AB-5.  You were able to quickly and efficiently answer any questions that I presented, as well as, offer many more suggestions that were beneficial to our purchase. Upon receiving the AB-5, we were immediately impressed with the quality of manufacturing.  Everything from the manual to the AB-5 itself was absolutely meticulous.  As a result, I will gladly recommend Filamatic to any companies looking to purchase quality filling equipment.  
We look forward to working with your company in the future and thank you again for producing such a great machine.
Thank you,
VP of Manufacturing and Technology / Episciences, Inc.
  • Customer Service
Just want to say how much I appreciate the way you do your job.  It's so nice to know I can count on hearing from you without having to wait for days and even weeks like with other vendors.
Parts and Inventory Assistant / Aveda Corporation
  • The Filamatic Experience
I just wanted to write and thank you for your help on our latest liquid fill project.  In the past we have purchased liquid filling equipment from several different manufacturers.  We thought that we could save money going with some of the liquid filling alternatives out there.  We found out that those "low cost" fillers actually cost us in lost productivity, inaccurate fills resulting in re-work and more labor...what a mess!  
We have recently installed a new Filamatic filler for the first time in several years.  
The entire experience: order, delivery, installation, and start-up as well as the performance of this new equipment was delightful.  This has convinced us that Filamatic is very capable especially in the areas of Engineering and Customer Service.  Based on this experience we will be working with you on a continuing basis going forward.
Validation Specialist / Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Aftermarket Support
I have been very pleased with the customer service and support that we have received in the past. For 30+ years, Filamatic/National Instrument has supplied our company with parts and repair service for the (5) Filamatic machines that we have in service. Parts are always in stock and the staff has always been courteous, professional and accurate on every order.
Again, thanks for the support!
Plant Engineer / Libby Laboratories, Inc.
  • Custom Designs and Installation Support
I am writing to acknowledge the excellent work your company has done in designing, fabricating and the after installation support of a Monobloc machine that was built for BD Diagnostic Systems. The machine was custom designed to our needs as specified by BD.  Your engineers and management team have done a wonderful job accommodating our needs.
I would like to thank you for supporting us in providing engineering services after the machine was installed. Your technician did an excellent job in changing the PLC program on site according to our needs. 
Thank you again for a job well done, 
Project Manager / BD Diagnostic Systems
  • Performance and Professionalism
On behalf of The Dial Corporation, I would like to extend our appreciation to Filamatic/National Instrument personnel who did such a professional job on the In-Case Filler.  The culmination of the long hours and hard work have resulted in a product that speaks highly of the professionalism that Filamatic/National has a reputation for.  Thanks to the crew who built the machine. Your craftsmanship is evident throughout the In-Case Filler.
The performance of the machine has met Dial's objectives and we have the team comprised of both Dial personnel and especially the Filamatic/National Instrument team to thank for their hard work and attention to detail.  The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) went well.  We were able to not only become acquainted with the machine operation and set-up, but also provided an opportunity to run the unit for an extended period to identify areas where a little more work is needed.  All in all, it was a very satisfactory FAT. 
Thank you,
Plant Engineer / The Dial Corporation
  • Prompt Service
You (Robert Rosen) are much appreciated!
Thanks for the quick response and the true Filamatic/National Instrument Company Customer Service that you and your organization deliver!
Thank you so much,
Production Manager / Estee Lauder
  • Equipment Training

I want to thank your personnel for the kind attention everyone showed during our group visit to your company.  The purpose of the visit was to receive training on a liquid filler we recently acquired from Filamatic/National Instrument Company.  This purchase was based on two previous pieces of equipment we own, presently in operation at our plant in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Our decision to buy and increase our production capacity was based on the quality and technology of your machines.

During our visit, we were greeted by personnel from different departments who with great professionalism instructed us on all the aspects and details related to the new equipment.
I want to express my most sincere appreciation and at the same time, emphasize our satisfaction for our decision to select again, the Filamatic/National Instrument Company, as provider of our filling equipment. 
Formulaciones Quimicas S.A.
  • Benchtop System
I had recently purchased your Filamatic Benchtop system for my expanding cosmetic business and then required pumps to process a new, more viscous liquid.  I had previously heard of the superior quality of your product and can confirm the equipment performs consistently and accurately, just as expected.
Filamatic/National Instrument Company's performance was excellent!  I am now planning to place another order and am confident of the same high quality and attention to detail, both in equipment and service. 
Best regards,
President / Herban Cowboy
  • Experienced Sales and Engineering Staff

When researching options for liquid filling equipment, we were impressed with your knowledgeable and experienced sales and engineering staff.  With our custom application, each member of your team contributed helpful information and offered suggestions to maximize our special production needs.

We are very happy with the final product and can honestly say we wish all our vendors were as professional and produced the quality product that the Filamatic/National Instrument Company does. 
Thank you,
Automation Engineer / FujiHunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc.

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