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Filamatic was founded by Sidney Rosen in the early 1950's. Rosen began his career designing guns for ships in World War II. Soon after the war ended, he became a laboratory equipment salesman in Maryland. He sold machines that dispensed small quantities of liquid, and quickly realized that his customers wanted other qualities and features for their machines. 

When Rosen brought this to his company's attention, his requests were denied. In that instant, he saw what was best for his customers and decided to go into business for himself.

In the basement of his Baltimore, Maryland home, Rosen would design and manufacture machine parts at night while selling and promoting during the day. When production began to flow, he contracted others to help produce the machines. Rosen's first liquid filling model was the AB-5 Benchtop filler, multiple iterations later, this base model is still widely used today.

In 1968, Rosen's dedication blossomed with the purchase of the current Baltimore business residence of 4119 Fordleigh Road. As the residence expanded, so did his product line.

The Benchtop filler evolved into machines that were able to handle a larger range of fills. His machines went from single station to multi-station and even began to produce automatic and multi-funcational machines to meet his ever-growing customer base.

Sidney Rosen's customer-centric principles have made Filamatic a leader in the liquid filling and integrated systems packaging machinery industry. Serving the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, e-Cigarette, biotech, healthcare, cosmetic, chemical specialty, contract packaging and food/beverage industries. Filamatic is still a family owned and operated company that provides customers with the lowest possbile cost of ownership with industry leading customer service.