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FlexiFIL™ Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filler

The FlexiFIL™ is one of Filamatic's most innovative liquid filling lines available; it addresses a direct need by those in several markets that require FILLING MULTIPLE LIQUIDS ALL-ON-ONE-LINE!

The core technology of the FlexiFIL™ is still grounded in Filamatic's 65+ years of quality equipment and liquid filling accuracy. Whether you are in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food/Beverage, e-Cigarette, or even the Specialty Chemical industries, your Filamatic equipment follows cGMP and is FDA compliant. Filamatic also understands that easy and fast changeovers with user-friendly touchscreens and remote access are a must.

The FlexiFIL™ gives you the best of both worlds... piston and peristaltic liquid filling options all-on-one-line. This eliminates the need for you to buy 'too much' machine, Filamatic gives you back control of what solutions best matches your needs.

The HMI touchscreen allows you to create, copy, and save over 100+ recipes which will dramatically reduce your set-up time as you switch between products, fill volumes, or container sizes because it is all digitally controlled - no manual adjustments needed. 

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