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FUS Piston Filling Unit

Recommended for free-flowing liquids such as perfumes, alcohol, solvents, suspensions, and solutions, the FUS filling unit provides quick and accurate fills. Depending on the frame size of the filling machine, fill ranges are from .05ml to 1100ml with a fill accuracy to 0.5%. These positive displacement piston pumps are easily disassembled for cleaning and are available in standard XL sizes.

Using servo technology to drive the filling units enables the flow rate to increase and decrease at different times during the dispensing to allow all shapes of containers to be filled with ease and precision.

Request Information

  • Container/Closure:

    Microtubes, Plastic

  • Machine Type:

    DFS, MRV, Cubitiainer®, In-Case Filler, Benchtop, Mini-Monobloc, Monobloc, Hot Filler, Continuous Motion, Explosion Resistant

  • Metering Systems:

    Piston, Lobe, Gear, Flow Meter, Peristaltic, Positive Displacement, Zero Particulate, Rolling Diaphragms, Circumferential Piston


File Name Type
Pump Operational Checklist.pdf Specification
FUS Filling Unit Spec Sheet.pdf Specification
Filling Unit Application Guide.pdf Specification
FUS-TP and FKS-TP Fillng Unit Spec Sheet.pdf Specification
FUS-FKS.pdf Specification
Filamatic Piston Pump Brochure.pdf Specification