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VIDEOfocus - Is Your Production Line FDA Compliant?

With the FDA's latest release, as well as being an industry partner to over 120+ e-Liquid companies, we feel it important to reiterate our support and commitment to the e-Cigarette community. Filamatic's filling systems satisfy stringent Pharmaceutical & Biotech industry requirements. Therefore, we are confident our solutions put our partners in an excellent position with their e-Liquid filling needs... one less thing for your business to worry about.



We know the community and look to serve. Whether you need a single Semi-Automatic machine, Intermediate Automatic solution, or a Fully Automated, Integrated system, Filamatic has the industry reputation, quality machinery, and service-after-the-sale to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded. If you are preparing for compliance, we have solutions that will satisfy your FDA regulatory needs. If you are maximizing production during this time period, we have timely solutions to help keep your momentum moving forward. 

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